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Luke Nelson

Before I trained with David, I was an average gym goer who would be going to the gym 3 times a week doing endless cardio but would go out on the weekends drinking and eating endless amount of foods.

In the end I was getting no closer to my goal. I started to get bored of the gym and accepted defeat basically. I wanted to change my gym lifestyle and make the gym more fun and entertaining in the quest to reach my goal. I went online and found a PT close by – FitPower.


David was a fantastic PT, he was able to identify where in my lifestyle and pinpoint the exact lifestyle changes I need to change or monitor in order to reach my goal. I was really impressed by his intelligence. His commitment to the cause is 110%, he goes through the journey with you and wants you to succeed and reach your goal, the gym sessions was fantastic – hard work don’t get me wrong but he was able to introduce new workouts every day in order to make it more fun and challenging.

 Away from the PT work, David was really polite mannered and well spoken, a top guy! At the end of my personal training experience I felt great and more knowledgeable and better for the experience and was able to take my new workouts I have learnt with Dave and implement them into my own gym. a 5/5 experience, can’t recommend him highly enough!

Megan Mcgarrity

As a student, it’s really difficult to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. After nearly a year of studying in Liverpool I had really lost any sense of a healthy routine, and I was struggling to cope with exam stress. I decided to find a local PT and stumbled across Dave.

I was apprehensive before going to my consultation because my previous experiences in gyms and with other PTs had been mixed. However, I was instantly put at ease as Dave is so easy to get on with and it was easy to open up to him about my struggles with fitness. He quickly gave me the tools to change my old, unhealthy habits. The diet plan was straightforward and clear and his fitness plans weren’t daunting.

After six weeks, I had lost a stone and felt so much more confident and happy in myself. I then returned after the summer to continue ,and I lost another stone.

This was the first time I achieved my fitness goals and that was due to Dave’s guidance and experience. We set realistic targets together and he tailored my workout program to fit my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve.

 Dave is a dedicated coach and truly takes on board what you want to achieve. As a result, I now feel confident going to the gym and I lead a much happier and healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Thanks a million for working with me Dave!

Lucy Stretch

After 2 years of being a student in Liverpool, the lifestyle of takeaways and going out was really starting to show!

 I decided I wanted a personal trainer as I’d been to the gym and only knew how to use cardio equipment. I wanted to tone up and get fitter. Dave was so great, as at first I was uneasy with lifting weights, but after a few weeks of very sore muscles I started to feel so much more confident already.

He gave me guidance on what to eat to help me reach my goals and I could contact him if I was unsure about certain foods! After my time with him I had lost over a stone and still enjoyed the uni lifestyle.

More importantly, I learnt how to lift properly without hurting my back and now I feel confident stepping into any gym! I cannot recommend Dave enough if you feel are wanting to feel better about yourself.

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