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Fully private personal training liverpoolfacility, so you can train in confidence without the fear of judgement

Get healthy, you owe it to yourself and your family to be around for as long as possible.

Bad back, sore knees are all issues that can be fixed by weight training.

Client Stories

Read about how previous clients got on with their personal training transformations 

Mark, 35 NEW DAD

 I had gained a fair bit after having my first child. I was getting take aways most nights as after work I just didn’t have the energy to cook. I Was in the worst shape of my life. I would literally fall asleep if I sat down for more than 5 minutes and to be honest I just felt crap. 

I was out clothes shopping for my holiday and id noticed that since id gained the weight clothes just didn’t look good on me, they were either too tight and shown my moobs or hung over me like a tent.  I went to try on a pair of trainers and actually found it difficult to put the shoe on because my belly would get in the way, I thought to myself, ive got to do something about this.

My wife was doing slimmersworld at the time so thought I might give that a go, but the idea of getting weighed in a room with a group of other people wasn’t for me. The next thing I tried was the Joe Wicks plan, I did okay on this at first and lost a few pounds but I felt like I wasn’t doing the exercises properly and after a week or two just fell back into my old ways.

My friend from work had started to really trim down since he started training at FitPower, so I had a look on the website and seen they had a offer on so thought I would give it a go. 

I had my consultation a few days later and had my first session the next day. I have gone from someone who’s never really trained to any real level to going the gym on my own 3 times a week. Overall I have lost 28lbs in total and dropped 11% in body fat. I would fall asleep if I sat down for more than 5 minutes and now I have more energy than ive ever had in my life. I started this only really wanting to look a bit better I honestly didn’t expect to feel this good. Personal Training Liverpool

Mark Kelly – 35, Manager

Luke, 24 lifestyle change

Before I trained with David, I was an average gym goer who would be going to the gym 3 times a week doing endless cardio but would go out on the weekends drinking and eating endless amount of foods.

In the end I was getting no closer to my goal. I started to get bored of the gym and accepted defeat basically. I wanted to change my gym lifestyle and make the gym more fun and entertaining in the quest to reach my goal. I went online and found a PT close by – FitPower

David was a fantastic PT, he was able to identify where in my lifestyle and pinpoint the exact lifestyle changes I need to change or monitor in order to reach my goal. I was really impressed by his intelligence. His commitment to the cause is 110%, he goes through the journey with you and wants you to succeed and reach your goal, the gym sessions was fantastic – hard work don’t get me wrong but he was able to introduce new workouts every day in order to make it more fun and challenging.

 Away from the PT work, David was really polite mannered and well spoken, a top guy!

 At the end of my personal training experience I felt great and more knowledgeable and better for the experience and was able to take my new workouts I have learnt with Dave and implement them into my own gym. a 5/5 experience, can’t recommend him highly enough! Personal Training Liverpool

Luke – 24, Quantity Surveyor

lucy, 21 student 

After 2 years of being a student in Liverpool, the lifestyle of takeaways and going out was really starting to show! I decided I wanted a personal trainer as I’d been to the gym and only knew how to use cardio equipment.

 I wanted to tone up and get fitter. Dave was so great, as at first I was uneasy with lifting weights, but after a few weeks of very sore muscles I started to feel so much more confident already.

He gave me guidance on what to eat to help me reach my goals and I could contact him if I was unsure about certain foods! After my time with him I had lost over a stone and still enjoyed the uni lifestyle. More importantly, I learnt how to lift properly without hurting my back and now I feel confident stepping into any gym!

 I cannot recommend Dave enough if you feel are wanting to feel better about yourself.

LUCY – 21, Student

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Its worth noting we never Make our clients take progress pictures, only invite them to do so and only ever publish their hard work with permission

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