About us

About us

A bit more about FitPower

FitPower was set up for people who wanted all the benefits of personal training but in a private space where they could feel comfortable

Who am I?

I’m Dave, I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for 8 years and have been personal training for the last 5 years. personal trainer liverpool

My job allows me to help educate people on a subject I am passionate about. Through the right assistance and guidance and a lot of hard work from both sides, I help people to lose weight, get fit and healthy and overall become body confident. 

I learnt my trade in a public gym and then moved to a semi-private studio and although these where fantastic experiences, I felt for the average person who maybe isn’t fully comfortable in the gym environment these place could be intimidating and they did not allow the personal experience I believed you should have when starting personal training.

In addition to this, I feel the fitness industry is maybe losing touch with the fact people want to not only look a certain way but also be fit, healthy and happy.Because of this, I decided to setup FitPower, we are a fully private training facility based in L18, In the short time we have been open we have helped hundreds of people through our online training and Personal training.

Even if you are not looking to currently start personal or online training we will be more than happy to help you out with any problems you have mave concerning your current health and lifestyle.

What is our Mission?

We knew there was a better way to help people – a way that really worked and guarantee’s real results. And that’s how FitPower started.

By combining our expert knowledge and years of experience in numerous health and fitness related fields, we are able to offer a complete service that focuses on a range of objectives, from weight loss and muscle building to postural correction

We differ from most Personal Training providers in Liverpool because we are completely independent and free from influence by any supplementation or fitness brands. This means we only provide our clients with scientific based advice that you can really trust.

Our number one focus is always on our clients, their needs and their results. Our FitPower approved methods and comprehensive consultation will enable us to provide you with a first class service that will help you develop a new healthier lifestyle deliveringthe long-lasting results you desire in a fast, safe, enjoyable way.

If you’re ready to make a positive impact into changing your body and health for the future before its too late then….

41A Storrsdale Road

L18 7JY


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