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Tired of being over weight and out of shape? 

 Half-heartedly going to the gym and not seeing any changes?

Are you sick and tired of getting out of breath and feeling sweaty in public

Find it physically taxing to do simple tasks

Fed up with having to hide under baggy clothes.

Then at FitPower Liverpool we are the people for you, these are just a few of the everyday problems being overweight can throw at you, we have the dietary and exercise know how to help you!

Having had a family history of diabetes I grew up knowing the life altering affects that being overweight can have on the everyday person.

That feeling of looking fat stood next to your friends or how difficult it can become to perform simple tasks such as putting shoes or socks on. I see all these FAD diets that came onto the market and how they only provided a short term fix for a long-term problem.

At FitPower Liverpool we provide 1-2-1 personal training alongside tailor made diet plans that not only provide short term results but allow you to make a positive lifestyle change for the future.

So the next time your clothes shopping and you try on a shirt you won’t have that daunting feeling of looking out of shape, but instead you will be happy putting on clothes that now compliment your new toned physique.

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Fitpower Liverpool Success Stories

Personal Trainer Liverpool Transformation

Peter’s main goal when he came to see me was to help him get back into shape before his suit fitting for his wedding day. He lived a very active lifestyle anyway playing field hockey several times a week competitively, his main goal was to lose weight but alongside that he also wanted his sporting performance to improve as he felt that his fitness had gone downhill from his early 20s. He had tried personal training Liverpool before but never felt he got to where he wanted to be

We created Peter a tailor made diet plan that allowed him to eat flexibly around his job and limited breaks. After the first month we managed to bring his body fat down a significant amount whilst also improving his cardiovascular ability and building muscle.

Although we had a few slip ups along the way with weekends away, other weddings and of course the stag do, Peter looked the best he had looked in 10 years on his wedding day.

*These results are not guaranteed and are an example of one specific case. Results are based on individual circumstances. Hard work and Willpower is always required

FitPower Personal trainer Liverpool

The main training method we use at FitPower Personal trainer Liverpool  to achieve our fantastic transformation is the scientifically proven “FP training plus program”. Using this combination of resistance training and HIIT, our clients can dramatically add lean muscle while losing pounds of fat, giving them the most bang for their buck in the shortest amount of time possible.

We use resistance training as this is great for achieving an elevated heart rate. This improves the body’s ability to shed weight, while allowing it to add muscle mass, creating a toned physique and more aesthetic look.

Trust us, when you notice in the mirror that your stomach looks flat and toned and your clothes are fitting better than ever, your confidence will go through the roof and you will know that all the hard work has paid off and you’re making steps in the right direction 

We also use HIIT in our training as it is the most effective form of cardio for tearing away that body fat whilst also maintaining any hard earnt muscle which will lead to a much more rounded beach body and allow those tops to look tailored.

FitPower Personal trainer Liverpool


30 day money back guarantee- if after 30 days you’re not happy with how your training, diet or results are going then at FitPower Personal training Liverpool we promise refund you every penny!

If you’re ready to make a positive impact into changing your body and health for the future then